Pro Football Post-Season Pick'em Pool

Football Playoff Pick'em Details

In Pro Football Post-Season Playoff Pick'em Pools members select the winner of each game for each active week in your pool. Your pool can be setup to either use the point margin or select games straight up. Point margins are great for evening out the game. To illustrate, if Denver is playing Seattle and Seattle is favored by 7 points, this means that if you select Seattle they must win by more than 7 in order for you to get your selection correct. On the other hand, if you select Denver that means Denver can lose the game by up to 6 points and you still get your selection correct.

SimplySportsWare releases the margins every Tuesday but you can customize them for your pool as you see fit. The hosting fee starts at $9.95 which includes the first 10 members.

  • Fast, excellent, customer-friendly email support.
  • Private forum for your pool.
  • Custom pick deadlines.
  • Email reminders, emailed weekly sheets, reports and pick confirmations.
  • Printable reports
  • Live Scoring - poolwide picks refreshed realtime.
  • Free Trial!
  • $9.95 for first 10 members.
  • $1 for each additional member.

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A lot of pools will choose to use the default configuration however we have added a lot of customization options to our pools to make the games more enjoyable. Simply choose to enable or disable any of these options, and more.

  • Allow multiple entries (aliases) per person without requiring a new account for each entry.
  • Allow Trash Talk in picksheet.
  • Use point margin or select straight up games.
  • Allocate points per correct pick for each round of the playoffs.
  • Overall tie-breaker.
  • Setup auto-picks for members that forget to make selections.
  • Bonus points for how close members get to predicting the total combined score of the Super Bowl.