Pro Football Post-Season Squares Pool

SuperBowl Squares Details

In Football Squares Pools members select one or many coordinates, each representing the last digit of each team's score in the pre-selected game. The grid includes numbers from 0-9 along the top and 0-9 on the left, resulting in 100 possible combinations. You can setup your squares to have winners at the end of the game, or you can choose to split it up by quarter. The choice is yours. These pools are very popular for the SuperBowl however you can use any game throughout the season. Squares pools are absolutely FREE on the site so create yours now, let us manage the selections so you can sit back and enjoy the games.

  • Fast, excellent, customer-friendly email support.
  • Private forum for your pool.
  • Emailed reports.
  • Printable reports
  • Live Scoring - results calculated upon the end of each quarter.
  • Restrict the number of squares each member can select.
  • Automatically generate numbers on last selection.
  • Generate the numbers manually or automatically.
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  • FREE!

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