Pro Football Post-Season Survivor Pool

Football Playoff Survivor Details

In Pro Football Post-Season Survivor Pools members select a winner each week. If you select correctly you advance, otherwise you are eliminated. Standard survivor pools allow for each team to be picked only once by each member, however that is fully customizable along with many other options we have made available for you (please refer to the customizable features list below). Post-Season Survivor pools are absolutely FREE on the site.

  • Fast, excellent, customer-friendly email support.
  • Private forum for your pool.
  • Custom pick deadlines.
  • Email reminders, emailed weekly sheets, reports and pick confirmations.
  • Printable reports
  • Live Scoring - results calculated upon the end of each game.
  • FREE!
  • FREE!

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A lot of pools will choose to use the default configuration however we have added a lot of customization options to our pools to make the games more enjoyable. Simply choose to enable or disable any of these options, and more.

  • Customize the games available on your picksheet, including restricted games and teams each week.
  • Allow multiple entries (aliases) per person without requiring a new account for each entry.
  • Limit teams to be selected once, twice or unlimited times per season.
  • Allow a wildcard selection once per season where a team already selected can be selected once more.
  • Setup your pool to either select winners or losers each week.
  • Instead of members getting eliminated you can setup your pool so that members get points for point differential (the nummber of points a selected team loses by gets added to the members' totals each week). A traditional Standings report becomes the main report in this pool type.
  • Set the number of incorrect picks to eliminate a member.
  • Use point margin or select straight up games.
  • Setup auto-picks for members that forget to make selections.