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If you run your own NHL Hockey pool, let us host your pool now and you can enjoy our easy to use software, outstanding support, and highly customizable options.

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When you host your hockey pool on our site, everything is done online. Each member signs up, makes their selections, sets up email communication preferences for reports and can view up-to-date standings at all times.

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Playoff Confidence Hockey Pool

How To Play

In the NHL playoffs, there are a total of 15 playoff series where teas square off in best of 7 series to determine who will make it to the next round. Before each round begins, each member selects the team they think will advance in each series, placing a rank from 1-15 on each selection. 15 would be your most confident selection and 1 would be your least confident. Use your numbers wisely as each number can only be used once in the playoffs. Winning selections result in the rank you placed getting adding to your point total. The member with the most points after the Stanley Cup Winner has been determined wins the pool.

  • Select the winners of all playoff series
  • Customized scoring by round
  • What-If scenarios
  • Free trial
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